My name is Keith Jeter and I started the Galaxy Supernova over 19 years ago in order to share my talents with the world. Galnova is a testing ground for new technologies as well as a platform to display my creative work. I am a UI/UX designer by trade and I am currently seeking my Master's degree in Web Design and New Media at The Academy of Art University. I also have my design company "EXPLOSIVEPIXEL.COM" so I stay busy.

I am a creator who is looking for a creatively driven position that tests me as both an artist and a human being. I want to have a meaningful career that allows me to help others as well as myself. The world is a big place and I want to contribute greatly to it. The skills I have acquired so far have brought me to this point. I'm always ready to give myself a new test and a greater challenge. There's not a moment that goes by that I am not looking for a new experience or more people for me to help. I will continue to learn and grow and help whomever I can in the process. I will never stop learning!

The technical title used for me would be a mix of a web designer, graphic designer, illustrator and front end developer ( I guess you can call me a designilloper ). My ultimate goal is to graduate and teach other designers how to make a living by designing. I really love to draw and sketch and do so whenever possible. My goals and dreams are constantly changing and growing so it's always fun to reach my milestones.

An original Multimedia video sample I created.