My name is Keith Jeter and I started the galaxy supernova over 18 years ago in order to share my talents with the world. Over the years, the site has gone through many different changes. I hope you like my page. I am currently seeking my Master's degree in Web Design and New Media at The Academy of Art University, working full time as a Senior Web Designer and my design company "EXPLOSIVEPIXEL.COM". I am busy...very busy. But busy is good in the world of design.

I am a creator who is me as both an artist and a human being. I want to have a meaningful career that allows me to help others as well as myself. The world is a big place and I want to contribute greatly to it. The skills I have acquired so far have brought me to this point. I'm always ready to give myself a new test and a greater challenge. There's not a moment that goes by that I am not looking for a new experience or more people for me to help. I will continue to learn and grow and help whomever I can in the process. I will never stop learning!

An original Multimedia video sample I created.
Another original Multimedia video sample I created.